BubbleAS (Aeration System)

BubbleTEC’s unique aeration system provides effective treatment for:-

  • waste water treatment plants: RBC, SBR and trickling filter
  • septic tanks
  • sewage collection systems: cesspit and cesspool
  • catchment areas
  • pump stations
  • wet wells
  • grease traps

This compact, light weight & easy to install technology provides the following benefits:

  • Assists & accelerates the breakdown of targeted organic waste matter found present in sewage & catering effluents.
  • Rapidly eradicates FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease) accumulation.
  • Eliminates odour problems at source & downstream (without relying on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidizers).
  • Optimizes waste water treatment system performance & stability. Potential reduction in energy costs by less oxygen production requirements for the bio-process.
  • Improves effluent quality.
  • Raises DO (Dissolved Oxygen) & ORP – prevents septicity.
  • Reduces BOD, COD, suspended solids, ammonia, nitrate & sludge.
  • Promotes efficient & effective benficial microbial activity.
  • Not harsh (non-toxic & non-caustic) – Oxygen from air with micro bubble diffusion.
  • Reduces the need for jet cleaning, “pump-out” emptyings & maintenance.
  • Float switches remain unclogged.
  • Enhanced maintenance operator safety.
  • Cost effective – good return on investment!
  • Durable Aerator with no moving parts.
  • Adaptable – can be tailor-made for specific applications.
  • Quiet Technology – Low Noise – Virtually silent.
  • Low running costs – both energy & maintenance.
  • Oil-less compressor blower design for both dry and clean air.

BubbleAS provides fast breakdown & elimination of organic waste matter:

Before bubbleA

After bubbleAS

For optimum results we strongly advise using bubbleaeration devices in conjunction with bubbleTEC’s Advanced Biotechnology Treatment.

For individual solutions to your specific waste problems, please contact us.