Advanced Biotechnology Treatment

BubbleTEC’s advanced biotechnology system delivers effective treatment for:-

  • Sewage Treatment Works (STW)
  • activated sludge aeration basins
  • primary clarifiers
  • degreasers
  • sewage collection systems
  • lift/pump stations and wet well
  • sewer lines

bubbleTEC’s bio-active formulation comes in dry powder form with a bio-diffusion bag & is quick, safe & easy to apply.

This advanced treatment provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates accumulation of grease skimmings.
  • Prevents foaming, scum & filamentous bacteria bulking.
    Targets problematic long chain fatty acids [that cause 80% of deposits] & odour causing short chain fatty acids.
  • Controls odour problems [includes; amines, ammonia, mercaptans & hydrogen sulphide] (without relying on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidizers).
  • Keeps sewerage systems clean & free flowing (prevents organic build-up & blockages).
  • Saves on power jetting.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and energy costs.
    Reduces corrosion (extends the life of sewerage systems’ infrastructure).
  • Not harsh (non-toxic, non-caustic & non-corrosive).
  • Biodegradable (environmentally sympathetic).
  • Assists & accelerates the eradication of targeted organic waste matter [includes; carbohydrates, cellulose, lipids, proteins, starch, etc…] found present in municipal sewerage systems, with a specific emphasis on tackling animal & vegetal FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease).
  • Superior bio-degradation capabilities.
  • Effective in both aerobic & anaerobic conditions.
  • Immediate activation & continues 24/7 (persistent beneficial microscopic workers).
  • Optimizes STW performance & stability.
  • Improves effluent quality.
  • Aids discharge ‘consent standards’ compliance.
  • System bio-remediation boost activator (provides rapid treatment for both “start-up” [new, seasonal or post-maintenance] & “up-set recovery” of STW).
  • Reduces BOD, COD, TSS & sludge.

Before bubbleTEC’s Advanced Biotechnology Treatment

After bubbleTEC’s Advanced Biotechnology Treatment

For optimum results we strongly advise using bubbleTEC’s Advanced Biotechnology Treatment in conjunction with bubbleAS (Aeration Systems).

For individual solutions to your specific waste problems, please contact us.