Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide simple, cost effective & environmentally sympathetic solutions for water & waste water pollution problems.

Since it’s beginnings in 1993, bubbleTEC has stayed true to it’s core focus of providing effective solutions for a variety of waste water issues, developing & diversifying in line with the advancements being made in the biotechnology world.

Initially, formed in Guernsey as Biotech International Ltd & rebranded under it’s present name of bubbleTEC in 2001, the company provided biotechnological liquid, powder and solid product solutions for the water and wastewater industries.

In 1998, we began to focus primarily on offering consortiums of beneficial bacteria to help resolve water & wastewater pollution problems,  providing a natural & environmentally friendly, yet highly effective treatment.

With the opening of our U.K office in 2011, we have continued to expand & develop our methods culminating in the development most recently of our bubbleAERATION System, which maximises the optimum treatment performance of our beneficial bacterial consortium in commercial conditions.

This unique approach, we believe, makes us global leaders in our field.

But enough about us ~ Call now & let’s talk about how we can help you.